The special bond between fathers and daughters

The special bond between fathers and daughters

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It has always been said that boys are from mom and girls ... from dad. It may sound like a myth to you, but deep down, it's true (although there are always exceptions).

The bond that exists between parents and daughters is unique. It may be difficult for us to explain in words. Therefore, a famous Ukrainian illustrator, Snezhana soosh, he wanted to show it this way.

Illustration: Snezhana Soosh (@vskafandre)

Fathers have a special affinity for daughters. And his daughters for their parents. In fact, at a certain age (around 9 years old), many girls feel 'platonic love' towards their parents. It is a mixture of affection, tenderness and admiration. It is the so-called electra complex.

Numerous studies have revealed this data: during the first 3 years, girls are more attached to their mothers. However, as they grow, take their father as their inspiring pattern. In many cases, according to these psychologists, this experience can determine the relationship that the daughter has with men in the future. Parents feel more generous and loving towards their daughters, but also more protective and conservative. This special bond suffers when the girl reaches adolescence.

The illustrator Snezhana soosh created a series of watercolors to express how fathers feel for their daughters and daughters for their fathers... in them, the artist analyzes everything that parents are capable of doing for their daughter:

Illustrations: Snezhana Soosh (@vskafandre)

- Kill monsters and watch over the sleep of your daughters.

- Carry it on your shoulders so you can see everything from a privileged place.

- Be a mattress and pillow to ensure your rest.

- Help her fulfill her dreams.

- Make yourself small. Give your daughter more space.

- Interrupt work to play with her.

- Come up with a thousand stories to see your smile once more.

- Overcome the sense of ridicule for your daughter.

- Feed your little one's imagination.

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