Differences in bullying between boys and girls

Differences in bullying between boys and girls

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Bullying affects boys and girls equally. The critical age is around 11 years. But are there differences depending on the gender of those involved in the harassment case? Is bullying different in boys and girls? Although it may surprise us, there are particularities depending on the genre. The psychologist Maria Jose Ruiz Pastor He explains it to us.

When the children are young yes there are some differences in bullying. These particularities are blurred as boys and girls grow older. But when they are smaller, we can observe this difference:

- Harassment between children: In the case of bullying between children between 6 and 10 years old, it is usually more physical, more verbal, more insults, because children tend to be more impulsive.

- Harassment between girls: Among girls, bullying tends to be more about social exclusion, more about telling 'gossip', more about isolation, more emotional. That 'I'm going to see how I can isolate her' ... 'I'm going to see how I can make her run out of friends.'

Usually the patterns are like this: boys identify more with physical bullying, and girls with more emotional aggression. But it is true that as we progress through adolescence, in both cases physical aggression occurs, both in boys and girls.

This information must be taken into account: the physical damage is very easy to see, it is more impressive and visual, but the psychological damage is not seen. Victims often do not tell because they feel guilty and fear that their parents will be ashamed of them.

The important thing is to remain vigilant to detect any slightest sign of harassment early, to take the appropriate measures as soon as possible.

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