Things that should not be forbidden to children

Things that should not be forbidden to children

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When parents educate their children they look for a way to establish limits and norms of behavior so that children learn to behave. What guides these limits and the norms of children's behavior is how parents deal with everyday situations. That is, consenting and prohibiting the behaviors of children.

The behavior of the children will be a direct consequence of the responses that parents give to the different behaviors of the children and it is what will make them learn to move around the world.

There are situations in which it is objectively necessary the intervention of adults and prohibit behaviors in children because there is a real danger. But, many times adults prevent these behaviors by pushing their own fears.

Driven by these fears and negative beliefs, children will be brought up to believe that there are dangerous things to avoid and will learn to be insecure, skittish, and dependent. Therefore, when adults make the decision to prohibit behaviors, they should do so in moderation to avoid negative consequences for positive or normal behaviors that the child carries out.

Prohibiting many behaviors in children causes them to become overprotective, preventing them from exploring and knowing how the world in which they move works. We endow them with insecurities and fears. Many times adults do it because of their own fears, and others because in today's society they do not have enough time to pay the necessary attention to children so that they can investigate the environment at their own pace. Therefore, there are behaviors in which adults should be more patient and not prohibit immediately. For example:

- Run, jump, scream. It is the way that young children express their emotions and relax. You need to educate yourself but don't prohibit it. Parents must become aware of this, be patient and set rules and limits within which the child can move and express themselves freely.

- Climb. Children have a lot of energy and they give off a lot of desire to know everything that surrounds them. When a child climbs to the top of a swing, parents should not prohibit it, it is better that they dedicate their efforts to teach him to get on and off well and learn to do it.

- Draw. With the excuse that everything is going to be dirty, the child is not allowed to paint or draw, and consequently his creativity is restricted. With this, he stops developing his imagination and the output of his emotions in the correct way is limited.

- Eat alone. Because of the little time adults have in today's society, it is easier and cleaner to feed children. By doing so, they deprive the child of the opportunity to learn and gain confidence in their abilities. The child needs to feel useful.

- Give your opinion. The child has his own thoughts and wishes. They need to have a space to express it, as equals. Therefore, it is important that you do not hold back what you have to say with expressions such as. "I know what you need now, you are too young to understand it."

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