What are Millennial parents

What are Millennial parents

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For millennial parents, your motto could be: "Positivism, faith in progress, equality above all else, and blind belief in technology, social media, and Google."

Their age range is not very clear, but it could be between 20 and 45 years old. Millennials are those parents who were born with technologyThey are those children who had easy access to education, with a more open mind and a different way of doing things with their children than their predecessors.

- They are a generation that has grown up immersed in new technologies, who have had everything because they were born during the economic boom in the world, especially in the United States, and who refuse to become what their parents were. In their rebellion, they do not want to buy a house but rather rent, they do not want a car because they move better on a bike, share their life on social networks and have probably the highest rate, along with teenagers, of selfies in history.

- Time passes for everyone, and those children have grown up and become parents, and with this, contrary to what many expected, they have not stopped being Millennials, but have been trained as a new parenting style in which previous authoritarianisms are put aside and prefer to handle problems through dialogue, empathy and family consensus.

- The difference with previous generations is that Millennials are parents whose main concern is not to become bosses in companies, but become good parents, have a continuous well-being and a much more active family life. They ask their children their opinions and feelings, they talk more creating a kind of democracy in the family. They marry later, or do not marry, and are always connected to their mobile phones or social networks, they make purchases online to spend more free time with their children and promote equality, not only between men and women, having both parents maternity leave, but also with your co-workers or bosses.

- In family matters they ask their grandparents for advice, although afterwards they are always informed on the internet, either through social networks, blogs, or websites, on the best way to do things. They seem eternally young, but in reality they are constantly maturing and trying not to get stuck, yes, in their own way.

- With respect to their children, they are not controllers, but a kind of mentor, who guide them without imposing themselves. They let their children make mistakes and consult them constantly. They want their children to have a more open mind, that they be empathetic, supportive and question the foundations of society. They prefer that their children maintain a world citizen mentality away from brutal competitions.

- According to a study carried out in the United States, more than half of them have University degreesHowever, they are unemployed driven by a philosophy in which they prefer not to have a job to have one that they hate.

Millennials are not a rarity in society, rather a third of today's family homes have one. It may be that you are also one of them and you don't know it ...

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