Children's fear of plants

Children's fear of plants

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When there is a persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear of all kinds of plants we are talking about what is called Botanophobia. This type of phobia generates high levels of stress to those who suffer from it and various symptoms of anxiety. This unfounded fear can occur in the little ones.

Generally when there is a bad experience. In the stage between 2 to 8 years, where fears and fears are usually common. Most of them, even those that seem insignificant to us, usually appear due to the bad experiences that children live and experience.

There are fears such as the dark, strangers or loneliness, which are natural, however, fears of bad experiences occur due to accidents with elements that you unconsciously associate with your discomfort. In the case of Botanophobia, the child associates the plants with their discomfort

Parents have to be careful when facing these types of fears as they can pose limitations in the child's development. To help children, parents can:

- Identify what causes fear in the child.

- Be understanding and talk about what makes you fear and feel heard.

- Encourage him to face fear gradually and without forcing him.

- Convey security and confidence with a relaxed tone.

- Do not avoid the situation of fear. By doing this you will momentarily overcome the fear but not definitely.

When we talk about children with high sensitivity, we are not saying that they have a disease, nor is it a syndrome. It is a temperament that 15 to 20% of children have. Having this high sensitivity makes them live things in a deeper way and leads you to experience emotions with great intensity, including fear.

The intensity with which the child lives things causes him to overreact with cries and screams. Faced with the emotion of fear, the little one overreacts to insignificant things, in this case, plants.

It is important for parents to be by their children's side in this situation since it depends on them that the child learns to control himself. Therefore, parents can:

- Keep serenity. Take a deep breath and let the child express himself.

- Offer activities that calm you down.

- Read a book about emotions to recognize the terms of their mood.

- Let the child learn words for his emotions. This will control your impulses and serve as a protection mechanism to smooth out your reactions.

- Stop criticizing their behaviors.

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