Science discovers why grandparents are so loving to grandchildren

Science discovers why grandparents are so loving to grandchildren

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There is a unique and enriching relationship beyond the union between parents and children ... That of the grandparents! Grandparents spoil their grandchildren, understand them, listen to them, pamper them, teach them ... they adore them!

But ... why are grandparents so loving and consenting? Why, if they were strict with their children and knew how to set limits very well? The reason, once again, is the genes.

Science never ceases to amaze us ... When we thought that grandparents' affection had to do only and exclusively with that feeling of 'back to youth' when having contact with a baby again ... scientists tell us that yes, that is it, but with nuances: actually it's the genes that are to blame. Above all, this gene: the CD33, a gene that has evolved to provide older people with greater health and agility for longer (as they are living longer and longer).

Grandparents empathize with their grandchildren. They feel rejuvenated with them. Suddenly they have a 'second chance' to show your affection and love without so much stress or ties of the time when they raised their children. How is it possible that a grandfather and a grandson get along so well and connect that way when there is a generational leap of 60 years between them? Precisely for that! It is that generational leap, they say scientists from the University of California, what causes that evolved gene to be activated, capable of transporting that sweetened 'tenderness' towards their grandchildren.

Scientists claim that this is actually a mistake, a genetic error that occurs only among humans, the only animals with the ability to show affection towards their offspring generation after generation. The only 'grandparent' animals to love their grandchildren. The only ones with a life expectancy long enough to have time to spend with grandchildren.

By having free time, without ties or responsibilities, they can turn to their grandchildren. Yes, and this means that if life expectancy continues to increase in a few years, you will be a more loving grandfather in the future and still consenting. Get ready.

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