Your baby's first cold

Your baby's first cold

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Everything that affects our baby, especially when he is not even six months old, affects us overwhelmingly. Unfortunately, viruses exist and although we take all the care in the world with our little one, many times we cannot prevent them from catching diseases such as colds. After all, we will not be able to keep him away from everything and everyone. But, what signs can indicate that our baby has a cold?

How to know if what the baby has is a cold? Colds are highly contagious, caused by viruses, and spread by direct contact with contaminated people or surfaces. That is, if you touch the hands of a person who has a cold and then touch your own mouth or nose, you may catch a cold and / or transmit it to your baby, in the same way.

Colds are part of our lives. They start with congestion and runny nose, it can be accompanied by sneezing and coughing, and can lead to a sore throat. Sometimes a mild fever may occur. If these symptoms are already uncomfortable and annoying for us, imagine what that can mean for young babies who still cannot speak to explain what they feel, cannot remove the mucus through their nose and do not even know what they have ...

When should we take a baby with a cold to the doctor and how to treat it? Doctors say that if the baby does not reach one year of age and has a fever as well as cold symptoms, it should be examined by a doctor, as soon as possible. When babies have colds:

1. They tend to lose their appetite. They refuse milk feeds.

2. They become more irritable and weak.

3. They sneeze and cough.

4. They have trouble sleeping.

5. They have nasal congestion and shortness of breath.

6. They have a fever, a temperature of more than 38 degrees Celsius.

If the baby is already somewhat older, that is, more than 1 year old, you can wait, although it is advisable to take him to the doctor if he has a fever, persistent cough and nasal congestion for more than 3 days, if he complains of the ear or a sore throat, or have trouble breathing. Do not be that you are incubating a more serious disease such as bronchitis, for example.

Remember that only the doctor can medicate your baby. At home, the only thing you can do to reduce the discomfort of the cold is to use a rubber bulb to suck and unclog his nose, make him sleep upright or in a more upright position to relieve nasal congestion, be patient and give him a lot of love and attention . You will see that his cold will go away in a flash.

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