Children's Favorite Foods

Children's Favorite Foods

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Not long ago we invited some of my son's friends to eat with us, so to figure out which dish I should prepare for them, I asked them what their favorite food was. I think that the most requested demand was pasta with tomato, followed very closely by sausages, fries, hamburgers or pizzas.

They did not surprise me too much with their answers because more or less all parents know that these dishes or others like them, enjoy great success among children. I certainly didn't expect them to tell me: artichokes with ham, baked fish or vegetable salad, although we also get them to eat them.

It seems clear that many children prefer foods that satisfy them quickly, with great energy intake, easy to eat (without residues such as thorns, seeds or skin) and seasoned with sauces or tomato.

Sometimes I think that if we let them take control of their diet, there would be some who would end up starving because they would not sit down to eat, and others, on the contrary, obese because they would eat the first thing they caught. It would be very instructive to put our children to the test to know what food they would eat if they went to the supermarket alone; Perhaps among the cookies, sweets, chocolates, juices, we would find a banana or yogurt, simply because they are easy to eat, not because they are more or less nutritious.

It would be an absolute disaster if parents did not take the initiative to provide our children with a balanced diet, despite the fact that our child has other desires and the market has many unhealthy products. Even if our children do not eat well, we must not give in to provide them only what they like because they still do not have the necessary criteria to eat properly.

Many times, children tend to think that what they eat is already prepared, that it does not previously pass through the skilled hands of the house cook: when my young son is hungry, he does not have the patience to wait for us to cook it, he wants to eat and He wants it right then and there, so he looks around the house for a piece of chocolate or cookie to fill himself up.

For this reason, I believe that a good food education happens because our children learn to make a good selection of foods, coming to choose them with us and to see dad or mom prepare the food and even give them the order of kitchen assistants to participate in preparing the meals. family meals. The habit of a good and varied diet takes time to learn and we must put all the means so that our children acquire it. Food is a fundamental part of our education.

Eggs, potatoes, pasta, rice, chicken ... are some of the foods most demanded by children at lunch and dinner. Who doesn't love spaghetti carbonara or scrambled eggs? We have selected some delicious and healthy homemade recipes, with children's favorite foods.

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