Short Fables by Rafael Pombo

Short Fables by Rafael Pombo

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Rafael Pombo is one of the most important Colombian writers, poets and fabulists. His work is still read today and his stories and fables continue to arouse the interest of children and not so children. We have selected a series of moral fables so that your children can learn the values ​​that emerge from them. In addition, they are all in verse so it is a great way to bring poetry to the little ones in the house. Here is a selection of fables rhymed by Rafael pigeon so you can read to your children

The bee and the dove. With this fable, The Bee and the Dove, children will not only be able to get closer to poetry, but they will also get a lesson, in this case, that we must do for others what we would like others to do for us.

Little shepherd. Pastorcita is one of the fables for children written by Pombo that teaches children to try to solve the problems that life poses, not to stop and cry about what happens, and not to give up, but to get up and persevere in what one wishes.

The nose and eyes. The nose and the eyes is a short fable by Rafael Pombo. This little story, told in verse, tells in a very funny way what happens when someone behaves very selfishly.

The hen and the pig. The hen and the pig, is a fable in verse, written by Rafael Pombo, that teaches children the importance of gratitude and being grateful. A very important value in the education of children. A story in the form of a poem that talks about the importance of helping others and always giving thanks.

Car. The car is a funny fable written in verse that explains to children not to trust appearances, it also has its version in the saying: barking dog, little biting or a lot of noise and few nuts. This fable was written by the writer, poet and fabulist Rafael Pombo and his pleasant and agile rhyme is ideal for children to learn values ​​at the same time as they enjoy reading.

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