Origami Christmas ball. Paper crafts

Origami Christmas ball. Paper crafts

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Do you want to decorate your Christmas tree in a different and very original way? In We teach you how to create beautiful origami Christmas balls.

This is an ideal paper craft for creating homemade Christmas decorations. It's so easy that your kids can make them with a little help from you. Merry Christmas!

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Pair of scissors
  • Rope
  • Glue

1. Cut out 16 circles on paper, you can use a paper with drawings or motifs to make it more fun.

2. Fold them all in half and glue the bottoms together.

3. Glue one circle to another by applying glue to the top, that is, the one without glue.

4. Glue a piece of string to the last circle and then open them all to glue the beginning to the end.

5. You have your origami ball ready, it looks great!

Video: How to make Paper Ball for Decoration - Paper Crafts Honeycomb Ball (May 2022).


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