Children, today anything goes!

Children, today anything goes!

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Many parents have mouth aches from saying "no" to their children and, although I recognize that it is necessary to say this fateful monosyllable, we also have to bear in mind that our children need to hear a "yes" or a "well, okay" . It is important that we make certain concessions to our children, so that they do not succumb to discouragement, sadness or the constant repression of their desires.

Personally, I have seen the need to grant some special privilege to my children: an invitation from a friend, a special outing, a gift, an intimate chat ... And I would say that it is even more important when you have siblings and the care of your children. parents is obligatorily shared among all. Each child has to know that they are special to their parents, they have to know that their parents trust them, that they know how to value and reward their good behaviors, that they love them and are willing to grant them certain privileges or personal attention, or give in to any desire to see them. happy.

In families with several children, it is often more difficult to access certain requests because due to lack of time or comfort, we prefer to say "no" to generating conflict or jealousy between siblings. Thus, we do not allow the older one to watch a certain movie or go to a friend's house because the little one does not demand the same privileges. Both for some and for others, there must be special moments when they can feel important, loved and understood. A special day dedicated to each of them.

A friend told me that an acquaintance of hers instituted with great success in her family "the day of everything is possible" as a reward for good behavior, as an extraordinary way to promote self-esteem, as a sign of confidence or as a day of rest to stop say our constant "no". Your children are delighted with such a holiday: it is a wonderful day to be the ones to choose their favorite dish to eat, to transgress the ideal diet with a few sweets, to watch TV until late, to play without any other worry ...

This mother considers (in my opinion with good judgment) that there have to be times when we make a stop in our educational work, relax and forget what is most convenient for the children and do the odd transgression of the established rules . At least for the duration of the "everything is possible" day.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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