Saint Adela's Day, December 16. Baby girl names

Saint Adela's Day, December 16. Baby girl names

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Adela It is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means "the one of great nobility". It is a perfect name to highlight the beauty and sophistication of any girl who will proudly wear her name as many queens and empresses did before. He celebrates his name day on December 16, which is the day of Saint Adela.

You can put the Adela's name to your daughter having the assurance that it will be a person who arouses interest and the admiration of others. Showing the meaning of her name, Adelaida is a person of natural elegance and good manners that will lead her to success in life. But Adelaida also has a free and combative spirit, which makes her an independent person.

Adela is a name often used in the West. We found the variant of the name in English Adelaide, as in French and Italian. It is commonly regarded as a variant of Adela, the name of Adelaide and also Alicia, so the possibilities for your girl are many. There are countless women named Adelaida who have claimed women's rights all over the world.

That fighting spirit implied by the name Adela is clearly seen in Saint Adela, an Italian woman of the 10th century who, in addition to being a saint, was an empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Adelaida is also the name of a queen, like Adelaide of Aquitaine, and the name of aristocrats, countesses and marquesas, like Adelaide of Susa, Marchioness of Turin.

The relevance of your daughter's name is perceived in the number of places in the world that bear the name Adela, although perhaps the best known is the Australian city Adelaida. And what few people know is that apart from places, there are also a variety of penguins called Adelaide.

If you want your daughter to learn to write hername Adela in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors you like the most, you just have to click on the name Adela to print her beautiful name.

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