The best posture for sleeping in pregnancy

The best posture for sleeping in pregnancy

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Sleep becomes mission impossible at the end of pregnancy. The size of the belly and its weight make all postures uncomfortable. The pregnant woman can no longer sleep on her side without noticing the weight of her leg. You don't know how to position your arms and what to do to avoid arching your back. Midwife Rita Salvador gives us some tips to find the perfect posture.

'Every woman has to find the position that is most comfortable for you'. They are the words of the matron Rita Salvador. The problem is finding that position. At the end of pregnancy, many women find it difficult to fall asleep because they are unable to find the position that allows them to rest. For this reason, Rita Salvador recommends a position that benefits the mother and the baby in the same way: 'The recommendations that we can make is that the woman you should try to rest in the side position, preferably on the left side, because there is a greater circulation towards the baby '.

The best sleeping posture throughout pregnancy is on the left side. Sleeping on your back is not good for your back or for blood circulation, since the weight of the uterus crushes the vein that returns blood from the lower body to the heart. It can cause dizziness in pregnant women and interfere with the proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

But not all women are comfortable sleeping on the left side. The matron Rita Salvador It gives us some tricks so that you get used to this position at bedtime:

'In this position, we can use little tricks, such as using a pillow under the knees so that the weight of the leg does not become very uncomfortable. Some women may find it uncomfortable that the tummy does not fully support the mattress, so they can also use a small support, such as a pillow under the tummy. And we can also use a back support to make it more comfortable for you and you can be fully supported. '

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