Advantages for children of working in groups

Advantages for children of working in groups

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A group or work team is a group of people who come together to achieve a certain goal under the leadership of a coordinator.

We must teach children from an early age that housework, for example, belongs to everyone and they should participate according to their ages and, it is important, learn that working in a group with a common goal, (it can be to have the house clean and collected), it is for the benefit of the whole family.

The best way to explain to children the importance and benefits of working in a group, surely, is by having them watch basketball, soccer, or any other type of sport that they depend on each other to achieve their goal, because that is how they will It counts that one scores the basket or the goal, but the game is won by the whole team and the celebration is extended to each member of the group.

- Doing group activities is beneficial for children because makes them realize that not all are the same, nor do they think alike. By not relating to their usual friends and having a common goal, there is an exchange of experiences and they learn quickly. But we must also be vigilant so that all children are involved in the work, and not that the most advantaged do everyone's work, because it can happen.

- When information is shared and the same objective is sought, more ideas flow and creativity is higherWhat does not occur to one, occurs to another and some ideas lead to others, entering a very interesting loop for learning and giving better results.

- It is an enrichment of the exchange of ideas and experiences that will lead children to know how to accept criticism, to be more communicative, generous, supportive, responsible, to understand and accept what a commitment means and, therefore, to have more confidence in themselves.

- Working in a group clearly strengthens interpersonal relationships.

The importance of the teacher in the classroom is essential to encourage students to be active, participatory and not dependent. You must decide, according to your criteria, the number of children that will form the group and do various activities, why not ?, also outside the classroom. The teacher must intervene, if necessary, guide and help the children, but it must be the group that carries the main task to a successful conclusion.

To finish I leave you this phrase: 'Working in a team divides the work and multiplies the results' Anonymous.

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