The bad habits of children

The bad habits of children

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Many parents do not know what to do to make their children give up some bad habit such as nail biting, finger sucking, curling hair on finger, picking nose, swearing, biting nails, etc. And many of them are right to be concerned as some customs that begin in childhood can be preserved into adulthood.

What's more, behind every bad habit there is something that can justify it. In other words, the bad habit can just be a way for the child to express something that is bothering him.

It is necessary to be attentive and, whenever possible, the bad should be cut at the root, without stress or anxiety. Not all hobbies or repetitive acts are cause for concern, they depend on the age of the child, the circumstances and the frequency with which they appear.

There are a few reasons why a child begins to repeat a bad action. One of the ways to acquire a bad habit is imitation. Another way of acquiring a bad habit can be the signals that the child emits when he cannot find or have the words to express what he feels or what worries him.

In older children, the same can happen if they do not find dialogue in the family, or are not understood by their parents. They end up acquiring a bad habit to get their attention, and if it is not solved it can remain a permanent habit.

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