Tips for watching the Three Kings Parade with children

Tips for watching the Three Kings Parade with children

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In almost all the cities of Spain and in many towns as well, the Cavalcade of the Magi, a lavish parade of pages, floats and fairytale characters, who pass before the attentive gaze of the children, decked out as corresponds to some magestades, the Magi, who bring gifts and toys to the smallest of the house.

Every year, on the eve of Three Kings Day, the Cavalcade of the Magi, is admired by children and lived with enthusiasm by the elderly. And it is that their Majesties dazzle.

Going to this festive parade with children can be a great stress for parents, due to the discomfort of pushing through the crowd, finding a good place so that the children do not miss details and fighting against the intense cold and the tide of sweets back and forth that, when thrown with force, can cause injuries. For this reason, It is advisable to go early to the Horseback Ride and take a good place at the beginning of the tour, since this way you can return home with your children early, have dinner a little earlier and put them to bed early to prepare the arrival of the Three Kings with their gifts.

Another good idea is to take a ladder... what for? They are very useful, especially the short ones, as they are more manageable, to facilitate the vision of the parade for the youngest children, who due to their short stature, can hardly see among the attending public. Several children can fit on the stairs and you will also avoid returning home with back pain after carrying your child for hours during the Ride.

Find out about the program of the Three Kings Parade to locate the route. On the website of your town hall, in the newspapers or on the agenda of your municipality you will find all the information regarding the start and end times, the route and other interesting details such as free shows for children, delivery of letters to the Kings or pages ...

Be prepared to answer the many questions that the children will ask you about the event. To liven up the wait and the passing of the carriages, you can tell them the story of the Magi, the mystery of the three wise men who gave the Child the best they had, gold, incense and myrrh, where the symbol of wisdom and power represented by the Magi of the East, is mixed with the innocence of the Child.

These stories will keep children close to their parents and prevent them from getting lost in the crowd as they approach for the candies, sweets, sweets and small gifts that the Magi and their pages throw, toss and throw to welcome the people. who has come to greet you.

And remember to take the children warm with gloves, hats and scarves Since the cold rages on these dates and you will surely spend several hours standing still and standing. For this reason, it is never too much to carry a thermos with a hot drink, such as milk with cocoa or chocolate to warm up and something to eat.

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