The bathtub cube that calms the baby

The bathtub cube that calms the baby

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If you want to turn the moment of the baby's bath into a relaxed and pleasant experience, we have an idea that you will love. Its about cube that calms baby, a bathtub with a different shape than what we are used to. A cube-shaped bathtub.

It will be much easier for you to learn how to bathe your baby with this bucket because it reduces all the risks that a traditional bathtub can cause. In addition, your baby will feel much calmer at the time of the bath because the shape of the cube reproduces the environment of the womb.

The baby bath bucket has certain advantages over traditional bathtubs. And its main benefit is that it has become a anti-colic bathtub. The experience of many mothers who have used this bucket instead of the classic bathtub tells us that this way of bathing the baby considerably reduces infant colic.

The reason is none other than the position that the baby adopts when he is in his bucket of water, in fetal position, in the same position that was in the womb. Obviously this posture will be much more comfortable and you will feel safe and relaxed. The temperature of the water, which remains hot for longer than in traditional bathtubs, is also a guarantee for the baby to enjoy his bath.

The bucket can be a very useful bathtub until the baby weighs 8 kilos. And then it can be reused as a bucket to store baby clothes or any other utility that comes to mind. In any case, the feeling of a safe and relaxed bath for the baby is more than enough reason to try this anti-colic cube.

This anti-colic cube capable of calming your baby at the time of bathing is the most recommended method by pediatricians and also by all the moms who have tried it. And they give us the basic recommendations for bathing the baby in the bucket. The bucket must be filled to the mark with water that is more or less at the body temperature. Even if it seems a small amount of water, remember that when you introduce the baby, the water will rise in level.

Next he gets the baby held by the armpit checking that the water reaches his shoulders. You may have to add a little more water or, conversely, remove a little. The best posture for the baby is sitting and with the feet touching the walls of the cube, does that position sound familiar to you? It is the same as it had when you carried it on your belly.

If the bucket is much more comfortable than the traditional bathtub, it is because in it you only need to lightly support the baby's head with the other hand free to lather. The baby can enjoy his bath for longer because the water does not cool down so quickly and also gain autonomy because there is no possibility of slipping in the bucket.

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