My baby: will it be a boy or a girl?

My baby: will it be a boy or a girl?

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When I was pregnant, I was curious. I wanted to know if my baby was a boy or a girl to start making plans, shopping, choosing colors and furniture for the room.

He dreamed of all the possibilities of his name and in his musicality with his surname, but I had to wait until week 20 pregnancy so that the doctor could give me a reliable answer, since with the previous ultrasounds the sex did not look good.

And it is that, although the ultrasounds show an image of the baby, sometimes, depending on its position inside the uterus at that moment in which the ultrasound is performed, sometimes you don't see. Until week 20, I had several ultrasounds. In the first two they told me that it could be a girl, but that it did not look good and that, for now, I would wait until they could confirm it. In the third, however, they told me that he looked like a child, but that it was still too early to say for sure. And when I was in the 20th week, the sonographer assured me that my baby on the way was a boy without a doubt.

Meanwhile my friends and my family, They told me that if I had a pointed belly it would be a boy and if the shape was rather round, it would probably be a girl. As I had not yet grown enough at the fourth month of gestation, my face was the second option. My face also seemed like a mirror in which the people around me were looking to guess if my baby on the way would be a boy or a girl. It seems that if you are beautiful, a boy comes and if pregnancy makes your face shine, it is a girl.

To clear up doubts, today it exists a reliable and minimally invasive technique that is capable of isolating fetal DNA in the mother's bloodstream and looking for whether or not there are markers for the Y chromosome. If you find it, it will be an XY boy and you cannot find them, it will be a XX girl. Fetal DNA can be detected in maternal blood from week 5 of gestation, however, the reliability of the technique reaches 100 percent, if performed from the eighth week of pregnancy. This means that from the second fault, you can already know the sex of your baby with a simple routine blood extraction and within a period of two days.

Until now, early prenatal diagnosis of the baby's sex required the expertise of the sonographer and, to be more exact, the collection of fetal cells using invasive methods such as amniocentesis, which consists of the extraction of a small sample of amniotic fluid, chorionic villus biopsy and cardiocentesis. The advantage of this method is that it does not present any risk to the fetus and that it has 98 percent reliability.

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