Four false myths about treating childhood diarrhea

Four false myths about treating childhood diarrhea

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Is it convenient to cut diarrhea in children? Should children with diarrhea be on a diet? Are dairy products bad in case of infant diarrhea? Your answers to these questions may be based on what we've always heard, but they may not be correct.

The pediatrician Iván Carabaño, takes us out of the error and clarifies what are those 4 false beliefs and treatments against infant diarrhea.

1- You have to "cut the diarrhea" using drugs. This is false. Giving drugs that reduce bowel movements will only make the process worse. Keep in mind that these movements have defensive utility, since they favor the expulsion of the microorganisms that cause diarrhea. Therefore, if these drugs are administered when the cause is infectious, the condition will get worse.

2- When there is diarrhea, it is necessary to indicate that the child is fasting. This is also false. If the child does not ingest food or liquids, the general condition of the child will worsen, the cells of the intestine will weaken, and the process will be prolonged. We have to invite the child to eat food that he likes and drink liquids on demand. The ideal is to replace fluid losses in the form of rehydration serum, available in pharmacies. This serum has an optimal composition to replace the loss of water and mineral salts. Avoid homemade alkaline lemonade.

3- In a child with diarrhea, it is best to offer him an astringent diet. Recent studies have shown that the duration of diarrhea is not shortened with this type of diet, which, in addition, is usually not palatable for the child. It is preferable to offer him a normal diet, adapted for age, and that is palatable. It is only advised not to abuse foods rich in fat and large green leafy vegetables.

4- In a child with diarrhea, milk hurts him. This is false. There is no problem in continuing to offer milk-dairy, except in those cases of prolonged diarrhea with lactose intolerance. Only in these cases, should they be given lactose-free milk.

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