When giving birth can turn into a nightmare

When giving birth can turn into a nightmare

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For most of the women who have had the experience and pleasure of giving birth, the moment of childbirth, apart from the discomfort of the circumstance, has surely been unique and full, and unforgettable. Unfortunately, there are cases in which this does not happen, which, due to unexpected circumstances, the baby ends up arriving in the world in the middle of a true whirlwind.

An example of this is what happened years ago in a hospital in Sicily, in Italy. A mother was about to give birth when the gynecologists assisting her began to argue about whether the delivery should be natural or by cesarean section. The incident delayed the birth of the baby for more than an hour, who ended up suffering two cardiac arrests. The 30-year-old mother had to have her uterus removed, indicating that she will no longer be able to have children. A disaster!

This event caused a commotion in the family and the whole world, and it is no wonder. Apart from incidents like this, there are also situations that destabilize the moment of delivery. Giving birth is not without risk, there may be specific problems, already known or unforeseeable. Also complications that if not taken care of in due time, can turn into a great displeasure:

- When contractions during dilation are not effective, the uterus loses capacity and that makes labor slow and do not advance properly. In cases like this, delivery usually lasts more than 14 hours for new mothers and more than nine for others.

- When due to early rupture of membranes, uterine abnormalities, mother's disease, malnutrition, infections or other unknown causes the delivery is premature (before 37 weeks of gestation).

- When it exists a decrease or interruption of the baby's oxygen flow due to complications in childbirth of the prolapsed cord type (baby wrapped by the cord, problems in the placenta, presence of meconium in the amniotic fluid, etc.), which causes fetal distress.

- When the position of the fetus or the length or the turns of the umbilical cord can suppose (not in all cases) a difficulty in the normal process of childbirth. In any case, it is best to remain calm, not only from the expectant mother but also from the medical staff, of course.

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