Difference in the rate of maturation in boys and girls

Difference in the rate of maturation in boys and girls

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Maturing is a process by which we grow and develop until we reach the point of maximum fulfillment. It is a process that does not occur from one moment to another, but rather appears as the trigger for a certain event.

Maturation in the human being can be framed in different stages: childhood, puberty and adolescence. However, nowadays this classification by stages is considered rigid since depending on the child, the education received or the society in which they live, maturation can vary. But, Do boys and girls mature at the same time? In we clarify it.

It is scientifically proven that the speed of brain and physical maturation of boys and girls is different. There are differences in the rate of maturation in the female and male brain, even from the womb that determine that girls mature earlier biologically and psychologically.

Hormones play a very important role in this shaping process of the brain. The testosterone in them, and the estrogen in them affect in such a way that a very different brain function occurs in both.

For example, testosterone affects such a way that in the brain in children the left lobe, responsible for thinking, develops more slowly than the right, responsible for the control of spatial relationships. Because of this, children are more adept at math than they are at language.

However, Estrogen affects brain development in such a way that it facilitates the development of language and emotional abilities. Therefore, due to differences in brain structure, body chemistry, and hormones, boys and girls of the same age may be at different stages of development. However, in time one will catch up with the other.


- They secrete more serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible, among other functions, of inhibiting aggressiveness.

- They are capable of being attentive to more than one task.

- They are more skilled in manual skills.

- They are more disciplined.


- They produce greater amounts of testosterone, a hormone that promotes aggressiveness.

- They focus on a single task.

- More skilled in mechanical and visuospatial skills.

- Many have discipline and aggressiveness problems.

These are some of the differences that can occur. It is true that these differences are stereotypes to which there are individuals who do not conform and even if they do not, they are perfectly normal.

Another marked difference between male and female brains that develops after puberty is the sexual development. About 10-11 years the physical changes in girls become more noticeable than in boys.

As a consequence of the different hormonal functioning, girls begin to develop sexually from 8 (maturation of the breasts) and 10 years (the period).

In boys, sexual development occurs 2 years after girls. It begins with the evolution in the formation of the testicles, accompanied by secondary changes such as facial hair, change in voice, etc.

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