The most popular names in Brazil for girls

The most popular names in Brazil for girls

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Choosing the baby's name is an important decision in which all family members or only parents can intervene. You can pay attention to traditions, fads, of public figures or of fictional protagonists, but when it comes to naming, you must always try to highlight the baby's character.

In Brazil it is clear to them when it comes to opting for girls' names and they prefer traditional names with a familiar flavor and characterized by its simplicity. Contrary to what happens in neighboring countries, in the list of frequent names in Brazil we find few compound names, perhaps because the most popular are names with strength and personality.

1. Adriana. It is a name for a girl of Latin origin that stands out for its elegance and sophistication. Keeping the oldest tradition, Adriana has not lost that perfect original touch for your girl. Without a doubt, it is one of the most special names, so we are not surprised to find it at number one on the list of frequent names in Brazil.

2. Ana Paula. Ana's Hebrew origin joins Paula's Latin origin in one of the most representative compound names in Brazil. Both names have great strength both together and separately, as well as appearing in endless combinations.

3. Patricia. It is a name of Latin origin that has managed to maintain its popularity despite its long tradition. The name brings a modern and original touch to any girl and stands out for its sound and character. And it is that Patricia is a safe bet for your girl.

4. Luciana. It is a name of Latin origin whose meaning is bright and luminous, as much as your girl. It has long been one of the most popular names in Brazil for its musicality and the delicacy that is implicit in it. Luciana's shine may be the most suitable for your girl.

5. Maria Aparecida. The Hebrew origin of María joins the Castilian origin of Aparecida to form a compound name that comes from the hand of religious tradition. The Virgin of the Bien Aparecida in its version of María Aparecida is one of the most popular in Brazil.

6. Juliana. We are dealing with a name of Latin origin that preserves all the flavor of antiquity without harming its popularity. Juliana evokes nobility, class and elegance and that is why it remains one of the frequent names in Brazil.

7. Fernanda. It is a name of Germanic origin whose meaning is surrounded by intelligence and daring. The name remains alien to fashion despite its long tradition because it is one of the strongest names for girls with more personality.

8. Simone. The name has a Hebrew origin and is very familiar in the Hispanic world in its Simona form. Brazilian families prefer this variant of Simone for their girls because it shows itself as a completely renewed name, with a distinguished touch and a sophisticated point.

9. Maria. It is a name of Hebrew origin that is tremendously familiar to us since few are the countries that do not have in their list of frequent names a Maria, alone or combined. Strength, tradition, familiarity and simplicity are the characteristics of this universal name that can be the ideal for your girl.

10. Cristiane. The name has a Greek origin and in Brazil this feminine variant is as frequent as its masculine Christian. Although the name comes directly from the religious tradition, over time it has been shedding that character to become one of the names preferred by Brazilian families.

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