Parental hits

Pharmaceris M, Tocoreduct Forte, stretch marks reducing cream

It is difficult to test cosmetics because the reception of the same preparation can be very different, depending on who is testing the product. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the skin, sensitivity to the action of specific ingredients, as well as very specific expectations. However, crediting Pharmaceris M Tocoredukct Forte to parental hits is justified. Not only because the product helped me personally, but also because it generally enjoys good reviews.

Pharmaceris M Tocoreduct Forte he helped me remove minor stretch marks on my thigh during the first pregnancy. At the next pregnancy, when I decided to use preventive measure also for stretch marks of this brand, I was no longer needed. I started stretch marks therapy after pregnancy after delivery.

Cosmetic well absorbed. He didn't leave a greasy film. The skin was after him soft and firm. Applying the product twice a day to a small area of ​​the thigh, unfortunately, caused the cosmetic (75 ml) to last only for a month. This soon, given the small area of ​​use. Because performance is one of the main disadvantages of the product. It is necessary to multiply the cost of a monthly treatment by two or even six months, i.e. the number of tubes used until the stretch marks change from red to pearly increases dramatically.

Of course, from the cosmetic to stretch marks you can't expect miracles. However, to the extent that the manufacturer mentions, the preparation works great: reduces and brightens scars.

Interestingly, however, stretch marks, which after pregnancy ceased to be properly visible, in the second pregnancy due to weight gain again became more pronounced. Fortunately, new ones were not created in the place of the old ones, and after delivery everything returned to normal.

To sum up: I consider the product effective (and this is the most important for me) and convenient to use. It is easily accessible, has a nice texture and nice smell. The only cons for performance and price. The manufacturer could bend over this ...