When children vomit to get attention

When children vomit to get attention

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Every day we parents face varied and complex situations in the upbringing and education of our children that we often do not know how to handle. One of them is when children vomit, supposedly to get attention.

What is behind this behavior? Why do they need to attract attention in this way? Have they learned that if they vomit we pay more attention to them or perhaps they have observed that through this type of behavior they get what they want or avoid something they hate? What should parents do in these circumstances: ignore the behavior or attend to it and act?

Parents move between these two dilemmas. We do not know exactly what to do because it is really very shocking to see how our child vomits to get something he wants or wants to avoid, coming to believe or think that everything is a strategy to manipulate us.

Ignoring is not the solution. When reading about this problem we will see how many professionals with a more behavioral line will advise us to act the same as with tantrums: clean the child and ignore the vomit. They will insist that we prevent the child from learning to get what he wants through this type of behavior and that, therefore, it is best to ignore the vomiting. Nevertheless, if we just ignore we forget to solve the real problem, which in no case is vomiting.

When we focus on ignoring our child's vomiting, we focus only on the behavioral expression of a deeper problem. We are left with the child vomiting and we want him to stop doing it forgetting what really happens to our son: why do you vomit, what do you intend to achieve, what do you need, etc.

When a child vomits to call, supposedly, the attention is to take a deeper analysis and see exactly when and why this vomiting occurs. Must discover if they are provoked to avoid going to school, so as not to stay alone at night, etc.

In other words, when the child vomits, we should not look for what to do to make him stop doing it, but to find out what is the cause that leads him to act like this to find a solution.

Seen in this way it becomes clear that ignoring is not the solution to the problem. Ignoring only creates more suffering for you. When a child vomits, supposedly to get attention He does not try to manipulate us, he only wants a situation that causes him discomfort to disappear. A situation that does not know how to verbalize and express because it is still too young to know how to do it. It is our task to discover what it is and find a solution for it. At this point the vomiting will stop. Meanwhile you have to act with great patience, love and tranquility. No yelling, punishment or reprimands.

It is true that this procedure can be longer and laborious, but it is the most favorable for the emotional and psychological development of the child.

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