The snake and the cobra. Poetry for children

The snake and the cobra. Poetry for children

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Poems have so many benefits for children and brings them so many good things that parents must bring them closer to their day to day. In We propose you a very funny poetry that your children will love.

The snake and the cobra is an ideal children's poem to read as a family and to promote a taste for reading poetry in children

Why are you always late

having time to spare?

tired of waiting she said

a snake to the cobra

I entertained myself between the stones,

playing with a rat,

I hid after a cat

inside an old can.

I got lost in some bushes

I got tangled in some wires

then I started eating

because I was very hungry.

And then as usual

I need to go to sleep,

-said while yawning-

but I have to go now.

And turning around

crawling he left there,

while her snake friend

he didn't even know what to say.

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