My nine month old baby is not crawling

My nine month old baby is not crawling

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It is normal for an eight- or nine-month-old baby to sit up and begin to force himself to move on the floor. At this stage, babies usually love to explore everything around them and crawling will allow them to go beyond the space they knew so far, and by their own means and efforts. If a baby, at 12 months, does not show interest in crawling, it is convenient to discuss it with his doctor, something may be preventing it.

As we always say, each baby is unique and has its own developmental clock. Babies are not obliged to do everything at their day and time, but that does not imply that we should not help them enhance their learning and overcome stages. As parents, we must also stimulate their ability. If your baby is close to the first year of life, and does not want to crawl, it is advisable to tell your pediatrician who will surely give you some ideas to stimulate your little one in this regard.

Babies tend to crawl in different ways. Some crawl seated, with one of the legs bent and the other extended, making impulse with the buttocks and the hands to advance with their body. Others begin to crawl in this way and then replace it with the more traditional one, which is crawling on all fours or "on all fours", as we usually say. That's where the name crawling comes from.

There are a few reasons why a baby may not want or be interested in crawling. Excessive weight, lack of stimulation, fear, or some physical disability are some of the reasons that can prevent a baby from moving around. Whatever the reason, help him fight it. In the same way that you can help your child to eat, you can help him to crawl, and then to walk. Here are some tips:

1- At home, babies should be dressed in very comfortable clothes. This will make it easier for him to move. Socks with rubber on the soles of the feet are very good to prevent them from slipping. If it is hot, it is best if they are barefoot, this will allow them to feel the texture of the ground on which they move.

2- To stimulate the baby's movement and movement, it is recommended that you place a toy or any other object that has a very striking color, one meter away from the baby, so that he is attracted and goes for the object.

3- It is very stimulating for a baby to see his parents in the same position as him, in the same plan. If you position yourself next to your baby and begin to move "on all fours", it is very likely that the little one will follow you. He will feel accompanied and think that you are playing with him.

4- When you get your baby to move on his own, let him crawl around the house, as long as there is no risk. To avoid domestic accidents, there are countless ways.

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