Parents' disappointment when they know the sex of the baby

Parents' disappointment when they know the sex of the baby

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Have you been disappointed when you found out the gender of your baby? What did you expect, what would a boy or a girl be? The parental disappointments As for the sex of the baby they expect, it is more normal than you imagine.

Also, know the sex of the baby arouses a lot of curiosity not only in parents but also in family and friends. In the end, there is a lot of pressure that is generated around the sex that the baby will have.

Why parents are disappointed when they know the sex of the baby.

In the fourth month of pregnancy, the couple places all their expectations on the long-awaited ultrasound test. They carry with them the wishes of others and their own. The result says that their baby is of the opposite sex to the one they wanted. What do they do? Well, most of them pretend that everything is fine and even celebrate it. In other words, many couples end up 'swallowing' the surprise. That's what the writer says Katherine asbery in his book: "Altered Dreams: Living With Gender Disenchantment”. It is that she lived it in her own skin!

For many parents, the gender of their baby is a lottery. Katherine wanted her second baby to be a girl, but she ended up having another boy.

Before getting pregnant for the third time, she tried all the tricks she saw on the internet and more. But it was in vain because when she learned that she would give birth to another child, she cried inconsolably. He felt guilty. It was then that he decided to write a book with tips for parents to know how to handle and overcome this disappointment.

1- Accept feelings and emotions. Parents should be honest with themselves. They should not be ashamed of your frustration or disappointment. Hiding feelings and emotions is bad. They must be natural in the face of ‘bad’ news. The fact that a couple prefers a baby of a defined sex does not mean that they will be bad parents if they give birth to a child of the other sex.

2- Keep a positive attitude. One way to overcome your disappointment is to hold on to the positives of the situation. A child is not what one wants and what it is. It can be learned with children, with their way of being and thinking, etc. Each baby, even if he has the same sex as his brother, will come out different.

3- To give time to time. Disappointment is short-lived. When the baby is born and you look at your face you forget everything and you realize that the best thing is that he has and that he is healthy and that he is ready to receive all the love you have for him.

Katherine cried when she learned the gender of her baby, but today she sees her three children as a blessing. Each one is unique and brings something different to the family. She says: “It is normal for the mother to feel depressed but that does not mean that it is a bad mother. There is a normal process that happens when one's dreams change. You have to learn to shape another dream ”.

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