Videos about celiac disease in children

Videos about celiac disease in children

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Do you have doubts about celiac disease in the childhood? Do you want to know how it is diagnosed? What are its main symptoms? offers you a series of videos where different professionals explain what celiac disease is like in children.

In these videos you will find the answers to all your questions: from how to recognize the disease to how to diagnose it and what treatment to follow. What type of diet should a celiac child have? Is there any pharmacological treatment to cure it? What happens if a child with gluten intolerance continues to eat wheat, corn, and barley foods? The answers, here.

Symptoms of celiac disease in childhood. Signs that may indicate that your child is celiac. The pediatrician Chus Pascual, from the Nisa Pardo Aravaca Hospital, tells us about the main symptoms of celiac disease in childhood. If you think your child may have celiac disease, keep these signs in mind.

How is celiac disease diagnosed? How is the diagnosis of celiac disease in children. Pediatrician Chus Pascual, from Nisa Pardo Aravaca Hospitals, explains how gluten intolerance is diagnosed in childhood.

Treatment of celiac disease in childhood. Treatment of celiac disease in children. The pediatrician Chus Pascual explains to us what can happen if a celiac child is not treated.

What foods can celiac children not eat. What foods cannot be eaten by children with gluten intolerance. The pediatrician Chus Pascual, from Hospitales Nisa Pardo Aravaca, tells us about the prohibited foods for children with celiac disease.

Tips for parents with celiac children. Parents of celiac children must be very careful with the feeding of their children. The advice of nutritionist Lucía Bultó for families of celiac children.

What care do celiac children need? Nutrition tips for children with gluten intolerance. What should be the diet of celiac children? Lucía Bultó, specialist in Child Nutrition, explains what gluten intolerance consists of and what advice we should follow to eliminate gluten from children's diets.

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