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I had the opportunity to listen to different versions of classical music created for the youngest. Unfortunately, in most cases they were in practice well-known recordings, in no way unchanged, and only available in colorful covers or on colorfully pressed discs. That is why the "Music of Bobas" series surprised me positively.

First of all, the publishers did not go the easy way and did not offer their parents "adult" well-known versions of classical songs in a different package, but they actually made music available on the canvas of well-known songs, but adapted in every respect to the ears of a small child.

Attention was paid to including sounds of nature in the music - birds singing, the sound of the sea, or even children's laughter and babbling. The tempo of the songs was also adjusted, and even in many places known sounds were processed so that they sound again with a completely different force. Thanks to this, listening to the two albums "Bobas na majowce" and "Classical music", I did not have the impression that a well-known melody was played for me repeatedly heard on many occasions, but I heard interesting sounds newly adapted to the needs of young children.

The author of the songs they teach and whose impact on children has been studied many times is Raimond Lap. The whole series consists of eight discs.

The tested discs "Bobas on a picnic" and "Classical music" are joyful, calm sounds, at which children are easier to calm down and fall asleep. In addition, Lapa's songs will also have another advantage. According to people who studied these sounds in more detail, music is expected to have therapeutic effects on various developmental disorders.

The product is perfectly refined and carefully thought out. Bobas's music may appeal not only to a baby, but also to a few-year-old or even an adult. Even the records put me in a good mood, calm me down, and at the same time lighten my mind.

I recommend to every parent, including pregnant mums!

Compared to other proposals, Music of Bobas stands out positively, which is why he fully deserves the name of a parental hit.


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