19 month old baby. Baby development month by month

19 month old baby. Baby development month by month

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Your baby is over a year and a half and has much more security and stability when walking. In fact, he is capable of running and tries to go up and down stairs, a very interesting challenge.

The nineteen-month-old baby can already follow a diet very similar to that of the rest of the family. Milk continues to be a fundamental contribution for him, and the World Health Organization advises to continue breastfeeding for up to two years. However, he already takes porridges, purees and has a varied diet.

When the baby reaches the 19th month of life, its growth rate is slower. Their average weight is usually 11 kilos and their average height is around 81 centimeters. At this stage of the baby, the growth rate is slower, you should not worry if the gain of kilos is not done so quickly.

The baby can now walk safely although his running form is very stiff. She loves to explore and opens drawers and cabinets in search of little treasures.

She has a broader vocabulary from day to day, she is able to say between ten and fifteen single words and can imitate the words she hears from her parents.

He can take the bottle between his hands and drink water without problems, he also tends to want to take the food himself, although he still does not have perfect control of the way he handles the cutlery.

At nineteen months, the baby can eat the same diet as the rest of the family, as long as it is rich and balanced and contains all the necessary inputs.

You may already show a certain preference for some foods or dishes, although we should not abuse them to avoid a monotonous diet.

At breakfast, the ideal is to give milk with cereals to the child. But at meals, in order to promote the chewing process and so that you can learn both to eat and to taste foods of all kinds, it is advisable not to offer only purees or porridges, but soft foods that you can already chew.

It is very important to take care of the footwear that the baby uses. Your feet need shoes that conform to your foot and do not compress you. It needs to be lightweight footwear that allows the foot to breathe and a flexible material.

It is still too early to think about removing the baby's diaper, so we will continue to take care of their skin from redness, especially in the diaper area.

So far the baby has not taken great interest in other babies like him. You may have seen how several babies sitting on the floor play independently without paying much attention.

However, from now on, even if you don't try to play with other babies, you will take a close look at what they do and how they play and can apply it to your own games. That is, the baby will stimulate his observing and creative part from the observation of his neighbors.

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