5 types of tantrums in children

5 types of tantrums in children

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A tantrum is that outburst of anger in young children, that rage and uncontrolled crying that appears suddenly in children. The child screams, kicks and cries loudly. It is even thrown to the ground. At that time he does not attend to reasons. It is due to a loss of control over your emotions.

But there are different types of tantrums and also different causes. Depending on their origin, we can catalog them in the following way.

1. Tantrum to get attention. The child demands more attention from his parents. It may appear because of jealousy towards a sibling, for example, or because you feel that your parents suddenly spend less time with you than before. It is the most classic tantrum. It is often used by children to dominate and take control of their parents. But other times, it's a real wake-up call because you feel 'set apart'. Faced with this tantrum, let him calm down and see if he did it because you really did not attend to his needs or if he simply wants to manipulate you. In the first case, you should pay more attention to it. In the second case, you have to ignore the tantrums to show that he can't get away with it whenever he wants.

2. Tantrum to get something. Another of the most typical tantrums among children (especially at 2 and 3 years old) is crying to get something. The child wants something that is not given and begins to cry with all his might. It is best to analyze if you really need what you ask for or is it just a whim. But in any case, don't give him what he asks for in the middle of the tantrum. It is better to wait for him to calm down and explain that you cannot get things like that that way.

3. Tantrum to avoid something. Or it can also be the case of the tantrum in children who do not want something to happen. For example, a baby who does not want to have his hair cut, or who does not want to go to sleep ... In that case, the first thing you should do when he calms down is to explain that you understand him, but that he cannot do what he always does. wants. That is, you can use phrases like: 'I know you want to continue playing ... but it is time to sleep, because if not, you will be very tired and tomorrow you will not be able to play' ...

4. Tantrum from tiredness. Many times, at the end of the day or in the middle of the morning, children are so tired that they cannot sleep. The exhaustion and this discomfort make them cry and ask heartbroken for help. It's their way of complaining about being tired. Try to help him fall asleep. That kind of tantrum needs your patience, your attention, and your understanding.

5. Frustration tantrums. Often the tantrum is just a sign that the child is still very young and does not know how to control his emotions. At one point he feels irascible, frustrated ... and begins to cry without really knowing why. Help him calm down, and when he is calmer, talk to him about emotions. Ask him if he felt angry about something ... and explain that feeling is normal, but that crying is not the way to solve it. And take the opportunity to praise their efforts. Boost your self-esteem.

In all cases, the moment the tantrum escalates and threatens to hit other children or even parents, you should avoid it and take action. Do not allow him to be hit or to hit others. You can take him to his room or a secluded place to calm him down (but don't leave him alone).

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