Parents' mistakes that make it difficult for children to learn

The most difficult thing for parents is not taking care of their children, but knowing how to educate them, instill the appropriate values, and above all, teach them to learn for themselves. An arduous task in which we are often too involved by overprotecting them.

Supporting them excessively can have counterproductive effects and, most of the time, we end up hindering their learning. On our site we tell you the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

1- Act as judge: Conflicts at school with friends or siblings are one of the main problems they have to face on a day-to-day basis; We must not intervene in them, but they themselves must learn to solve them. If they ask us for advice we can give it but never mediate, they must learn to use their own tools.

2- Take responsibility for your duties: We should not act as detectives looking at their agenda, or sending WhatsApp to other parents so that they can update us on homework. They must take responsibility for their own tasks, if they do not know what to do, they must take them undone so that the next time they learn that it is their responsibility, not ours.

3- Not doing homework or studying with them: Studying is not something that affects the whole family. Each child must take charge of his own task; we will see to it that they do it and solve their doubts, but we should not be with them constantly because they will lose the ability to do it themselves.

4- Overstimulate them: We try to make them learn too many things, we buy them a lot of educational games, we want our children to be geniuses, and that overstimulation leads to a long lack of attention and focus. Children must learn slowly, with patience and by establishing knowledge. It is important that they have time to be bored because only then will they fully develop their creativity and ingenuity.

5- Give prizes for good grades: Getting good grades is your responsibility; What they have learned is the real prize and reward materially makes them interested children, without values ​​and with little interest in the study itself. Also, it can lead to greater frustration if they don't achieve their goal.

6- Never blackmail with studies: “If you don't finish your homework, you won't play”, this phrase only turns homework and study into a punishment, so we should always avoid it.

7- Disagree with the teacher: Disagreeing with the teacher's way of teaching or the amount of homework imposed should not be a justification for the child to avoid homework or study. The child must see that teachers and parents support each other, and if there is any difference we must discuss it with the teacher in private without the student being reinforced in that idea.

It must be borne in mind that in addition to studies there are many other factors that our children must learn and that are equal to or more important than academic knowledge: ethical values, knowing how to organize, knowing how to solve problems alone, knowing how to socialize ... emotional development is basic to your happiness throughout your life; So if we should not be obsessed with grades, but rather that our children are capable of being the best possible people and that they have good tools to face life on their own. We must let them go down the road and make mistakes.

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