How should the shoes be for the pregnant woman

How should the shoes be for the pregnant woman

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We often see pregnant celebrities walking around in the same high heels as ever. Let's go back to reality, because pregnant women of flesh and blood we must adapt our footwear to each moment of pregnancy. Using inappropriate footwear at this stage can add risks to the typical discomfort of pregnancy.

As we are not willing to jeopardize health in pregnancy just by going divine, we have wondered what is the best shoe for a pregnant woman. The bad news is that we must forget about wearing the same shoes as before pregnancy. The good news, however, is that we don't have to give up fashion to wear the most suitable shoe for our state.

Our body is transformed as the pregnancy progresses and many of those Physical changes they will determine the footwear that we must wear. If during the first quarter we still do not have to worry too much about the repercussions of these changes, from the second quarter we must be very vigilant.

As we gain weight during pregnancy and our gut takes shape, lumbar curvature increases, which causes overexertion in the legs and feet. It also changes our axis of gravity, which translates into less balance and more risk of falls. Similarly, they are the ankles Those who most suffer these physical changes in our body and we must direct all care to them.

Ankle discomfort is a product of this weight gain, but also of the increasing pressure that the uterus exerts on the pelvis, making circulation difficult and causing one of the most common discomforts in pregnant women: swollen ankles. To take into account is the increase of the hormone relaxin, which occurs from the second trimester and causes the muscles to relax.

Due to all these changes, the first characteristic that a pregnant woman's shoes should have is that they are closed. We forget about flip-flops or clogs because we must fundamentally protect the ankle to avoid the risk of strains or sprains. In the same sense, the arch of the foot must have a good support to avoid plantar fasciitis.

The question that we most often ask ourselves is whether we should give up heels during pregnancy. Clearly we must discard high heels or stilettos, as we now have less balance. But flat shoes, such as comfortable ballerinas, are also not recommended during pregnancy. The ideal heel during this stage is 2 to 3 centimeters.

Shoes are recommended wide last not put too much pressure on the foot. The foot should fit snugly, not too loose or too tight. And it is advisable to wear shoes made of natural and flexible materials, avoiding synthetic materials. By following these recommendations regarding footwear, we will avoid many of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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