New children's stories submitted by readers

New children's stories submitted by readers

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After the rush of day to day, the infinity of work, inside and outside the home, spend a few minutes with your children doing something that is not only pleasant for them but also for you: tell them a story, reading a story to them, for example. has put together a few stories that were written by parents and we hope you like them and that you enjoy them with your children.

This corner houses some stories that we have selected from the many stories that have been sent to us. It is a space reserved for the imagination and creativity of our readers.

And if you or a family member or friend writes children's stories, be sure to send them to: Tell us a story!

Snail Gustavillo. The story 'El caracolillo Gustavillo' for children, written by a mother. Publish your children's story on the internet. Short stories to read with your children about animals and nature.

Two inseparable friends. This story tells us the adventure of two inseparable friends: a bear and a fox. A story to educate children about the value of friendship and respect between two people.

Bernardo the elephant. We offer you the tale of the Bernardo Elephant, a story for children that talks about the value of respect. our site publishes a children's story that was sent to us by one of our readers. The Bernardo Elephant tells the story of an elephant who was very selfish, and who also liked to make fun of others.

Enriqueto the mouse. Enriqueto mouse story to read with the children at Christmas. An ideal children's story to read with children at Christmas. In this case, about gluttony. Christmas children's stories. How to educate children in values ​​with Christmas stories. Story about the danger of gluttony at Christmas.

Little frog, the frog. Discover the story of Ranita, the frog. our site offers a story for children to learn the value of respect, and not to judge others by their appearance or the differences they present. A story that talks about humility.

The princess and the peasant. Children's stories teach us values ​​such as humility, sincerity, truth, effort and friendship. The princess and the peasant speak to us from their hearts, telling us that we must fight for what we really want and desire, and not accept what we believe is unfair.

The chirping egg. A children's story that tells of a child's curiosity and the affection with which he is treated by his grandparents. our site offers us the story The chirping egg. Show how simple and rich the birth of a chick can be to a child. And that in the field many new things happen in the eyes of the little ones.

The greedy giant. We offer you the story 'The Greedy Giant', a children's story that talks about the importance of joining forces to overcome difficulties. It's about values ​​like cooperation and togetherness. In the story The Greedy Giant, some wasps help a grandmother to recover her three granddaughters who are in the power of an evil giant.

The red hen. The red hen. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. The Red Hen is a short story for children that talks about the value of effort.

A chick named Lito. A chick named Llito. Children's stories for your little boy. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

I like how I am. Children's stories against discrimination. I like how I am. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Beautiful butterfly. Lucas an adoptive baby. Children's stories for your adopted son. Children's stories with values ​​to read with children.

The dreaming cow. The dreaming cow. Children's stories for children and babies from our site. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Lito the vain toad. Lito, the vain toad. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Lucas a foster child. How to explain adoption to children through stories. our site has selected a beautiful children's story to explain to a child who is adopted.

The stork Maria. This story by La Cigueña María speaks of the value of gratitude and humility to children. Read the story of La Cigueña María to your son and then invite him to reflect on what he tells us. Children's stories are a good resource to instill values ​​in the education of children.

The great miracle. Stories written by parents for children. our site shares the story 'The great miracle', which tells of the great miracle of nature. The birth of a butterfly. New stories from our readers. Publish your story on the internet.

Khalid's wish. Children's stories of the readers: Khalid's wish. New children's stories. We offer you an original story that transmits values ​​for your child.

The baby elephant. Traditional and popular children's stories of a lifetime. New Stories submitted by readers of our site. Publish your children's story on our portal.

Don Arbolón. Ecological short stories and children's stories in Spanish by new authors: Don Arbolón. One of the ways to transmit and instill in children love and respect for nature is this beautiful story by Don Arbolón. Through stories, children can acquire values ​​and defend nature.

The dragon and Rasputin. New children's stories from our readers. Story written by a mother for our site: the dragon and Rasputin. Publish your story on the internet, traditional stories like Little Red Riding Hood and The Ugly Duckling or the ones you like the most.

Selena the ant. With Selena the ant, children can learn the value of effort and work. That everything is possible if we insist and work on it. Stories that educate and teach.

The woman with the pockets. The Woman of the Pockets. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

The child of the sea. A very imaginative tale that tells of the love of a boy, Triton, for the sea. From his desire to know the depths of the ocean, Triton nurtured a dream and the adventure of diving into the sea. A story to educate about the riches of the depths of the sea. The sea child is a short story for children.

Shiva, a lucky dog. This story is based on a true story. That of a dog named Shiva, abandoned in Argentina, and taken in by a family from Argentina, and brought to Spain. A story with a very happy ending.

Ears and tail. Between friends there can be no lies or deceptions. Friendship is the great treasure that can be had in life. A story that talks about understanding and forgiveness.

The stable dog. New stories from our readers. The story The Dog in the Stable tells of the consequences of teasing children. Children's stories are a good resource to educate children. With this story, children can learn how important it is not to make fun of anyone.

Whimsical little butterfly. Capricious Butterfly, a short story for children. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

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