Muffin, cupcake and muffin recipes

Muffin, cupcake and muffin recipes

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Children's breakfast and snack will be even more delicious and healthy with these recipes for muffins, muffins and cupcakes. Easy-to-make homemade recipes so that children eat healthy.

For children there are few greater diversions of kneading, mixing and playing in the kitchen. It makes them participate in an important process, their diet, and teaches them by playing how important it is to know some recipes for children.

If for them it is a game, for the parents it is an opportunity to teach them to be responsible and collaborate in the housework. Desserts are very useful for this, such as these recipes for muffins, cupcakes and muffins.

Cooking with children can become an adventure for them, a beautiful family time.

Children learn to be responsible, and it is a good occasion to explain the importance of food and teach them the nutrients of each food.

By letting them participate in the process we will make them see it as a game and be more willing to try the food that they do not usually like, such as fruit.

That is why muffins or cupcakes are a way to start including fruits such as banana or strawberry in your diet, which provide them with vitamins.

Let the children take care of the simplest parts of the process: beating the eggs, mixing the ingredients, stirring ...

The kitchen may end up being very messy and dirty, but the result will be worth it. In addition, this way they will also learn how important it is to clean and tidy the rooms, with which we will instill good values.

These recipes for children are very simple and adapted to the tastes of children, ideal to spend a fun afternoon at home.

Try these muffin recipes and let us know which one is your kid's favorite.

Banana and walnut muffins. With a few bananas and some nuts we can make this exquisite recipe for banana and walnut muffins or muffins for children's snacks or breakfast.

Raspberry muffins. Berries are used in many recipes for kids, like this easy step-by-step recipe for lemon-scented vanilla raspberry muffins.

Pumpkin and chocolate muffins. Pumpkin muffins recipe with chocolate. our site offers us a step-by-step recipe for delicious, healthy and very nutritious muffins to sweeten your children's Halloween. Dare to try them!

Lemon muffins. Lemon muffins are a baking classic, and a fun way to get kids started in the kitchen. A simple and tasty recipe for children.

Blackberry and lemon muffins. Invite the children to the kitchen to make a simple, quick and easy recipe with them. Kids can take their first steps in the kitchen by making these delicious Wild Berry Lemon Muffins for breakfast or a snack.

Homemade cream muffins. Grandma's homemade muffins, a traditional sweet for family breakfast, cooks this classic-flavored recipe with the children. Easily get some traditional muffins for your child's breakfast or snack.

Yogurt muffins. Homemade yogurt muffin recipes add a very special value to children's snacks. A homemade children's recipe helps us to better control the feeding of our children.

Apple cinnamon muffins. On our site you will find a very simple recipe for apple and cinnamon muffins. Its result is the most juicy and exquisite, both for breakfast, snack or dessert for children.

Chocolate muffins. For breakfast or a children's snack, this recipe for chocolate muffins will triumph on any occasion. Go ahead and cook with your children and prepare this delicious sweet.

Soccer ball cupcakes. Cupcakes shaped like a soccer ball, for dads. Soccer is a popular sport among kids, as will this kids' soccer cupcake recipe, a nice Father's Day gift. We show you how to make an easy and delicious recipe to surprise soccer-loving parents on their birthday.

Oreo muffins. Recipes for cooking with children are the most fun. For them it is quite an experience to enter the world of cooking, for this you have these Oreo cookie muffins, explained step by step to make as a family.

Coffee muffins. For dads we can cook with the children this recipe for coffee muffins, a nice gift for Father's Day. We suggest you make some coffee muffins, very simple and traditional. An excellent breakfast.

Vegan muffins. With this recipe for vegan chocolate cupcakes for children you can follow a vegetarian or vegan diet without your children having to give up sweets.

Carrot Muffins. Carrot Muffins. The Easter bunny is one of the best known symbols of Holy Week. Make a recipe for kids for bunny-shaped carrot muffins.

Honey muffins. We propose these honey muffins decorated with a marzipan bee, a simple, healthy and natural recipe for children. You can use the honey cupcakes with marzipan bee as a breakfast or snack for your children.

Cranberry Muffin. The blueberry muffin recipe is one of the most traditional in North American baking. We teach you how to prepare it, step by step, for children's snacks or breakfast.

Carrot and pineapple muffins. A recipe not too sweet or too fat for a children's snack or breakfast: carrot and pineapple muffins or muffins. A very rich recipe!

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