Essential for a nursing mother

Essential for a nursing mother

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Breastfeeding is the best good we can give our baby. Feeding breasts is not only providing perfect food for the toddler, but also celebrating the time reserved exclusively for mother and baby. Despite so many advantages, many of us know that breastfeeding is not an easy task, or even a great feat. How to help yourself


It's hard to relax when the baby cannot grasp his breast. It is also difficult when the milk is too low in the breast and the child demands food loudly. Stress, however, does not help at all in such moments. Mom gets nervous, the baby can sense it and it's even worse. Remember that prolonged stress can disturb the lactation process, so be patient and try to think about something positive during feeding, e.g. a baby's smile or carefree lounging on the beach.


A suitable bra is irreplaceable when breastfeeding. At least in the early stages, when the breasts are full of food. Therefore, a bra with stuffed pillows and underwires is better to postpone, because it can compress the breasts and cause pain. It is better to choose a bra that is solidly made to hold the breast well, and at the same time soft and delicate so as not to squeeze it. Ideal is one with detachable cups that will allow easy and quick feeding.

Breast Pump

An inseparable gadget of a nursing mother is a breast pump, although there are plenty of women who can cope without it. The breast pump can be useful at the very beginning of the feeding adventure. During the milk roll, he has a chance to save us from problems with overfilled breasts. It is also useful when the mother has to leave for a few hours without a child or return to work. It is also irreplaceable during "milk crises" to stimulate the lactation process. If mom is going to go back to work, or express milk often, then an electric breast pump will be better, manual work requires a lot of work, so it will be useful only when you use it from time to time.


Feeding a baby can take tens of minutes, although there are hungryomorphs who eat greedily and eat in 5 minutes. An important element is the comfortable feeding position and proper seating. I can't imagine feeding 30 minutes baby sitting on a stool. The best will be an armchair or chair with armrests and a comfortable backrest, or a comfortable bed and pillow when choosing a lying position during feeding. Peace and quiet are also important, so that my mother can relax and the child is not distracted by domestic noise. It is best to choose a quiet and secluded place suitable for resting and regenerating strength for further action.

Lactation pads

One of the most useful gadgets of the breastfeeding mother are breast pads. These simple cotton discs prevent food from leaking and protect your nipples from irritation. When buying inserts, it is worth paying attention to whether they are thick enough and whether they will irritate our breasts. Their size is also important, because those with a small diameter are not suitable for mothers with full breasts - they can simply irritate them. You can also buy inserts glued to the bra cup, which will prevent them from "wandering".


It is worth preparing for the worst - bitten and bruised warts, which very often accompany the initial feeding. Unfortunately, often the baby can not grasp properly, and we do not always know how to feed a toddler. It takes time and patience. When the warts are hurt and feeding causes pain, it is worth using special ointments that have a moisturizing and soothing effect. The best will be those that do not need to be washed before each feeding (e.g. Maltan or Bepanthen - both can be used before delivery to harden the breast and prepare for feeding). If you do not want to use pharmacological agents, it is worth lubricating the warts with your own food, which works like an ointment.

Breast shells

Shells are plastic nipple protectors with holes that facilitate air flow. They are helpful when the mother has injured nipples (they protect the nipples against abrasions, and gentle pressure reduces breast tension).

Chest pads

It happens that mom has too concave nipples, which is a problem when feeding. Overlays that are designed to correct the shape of the nipples will be helpful in this case.


During a collapse or overfilling the breasts can cause pain, become hard, stagnation occurs. Then, gel packs, applying a warm diaper, and applying leaves from white cabbage to the sore spots will certainly be useful.

Food container

When we decide to express milk, it is worth securing ourselves in special storage containers (those attached by producers to breast pumps may be insufficient). Special pouches that allow easy storage of food in the freezer may also be useful.

Teas that improve lactation

When we have a problem with a small amount of food, it is worth reaching for dairy herbs. You can drink dill's tea successfully, because it stimulates milk production. You can also buy ready-made mixtures of herbs that stimulate the lactation process in pharmacies.


Mom, like any other person, may have an emergency situation when it is worth to help pharmacology. Inflammation of the breast is often accompanied by fever and persistent pain. Then, paracetamol will be useful, which has an analgesic effect, and when used as directed, it can be used by a nursing mother.


The best ally of a nursing mother is water. Seemingly trivial, but this simple method has a positive effect on food production, and above all it is healthy for mother and baby. However, remember to drink at least 1.5l of water a day, and problems with food shortages will not endanger us.

Shopping moderation

On the market, manufacturers are outdoing each other in proposing new products. Everyone recommends theirs, but let's not unnecessarily succumb to temptations and do not buy everything that is on the shelf in the store in the nursing mothers section. Let's think about what can really be useful to us and what better to give up. There are moms who have never used a breast pump or breast pads, but also those who cannot imagine their lives without them. Remember that it is better to buy something later than to decide on something too hastily, which will then be useless in the closet.