What is Taekwondo

Although until a few years ago Taekwondo was not a not well known sport, Currently, many parents are interested in this Olympic sport that favors the physical and emotional development of children. To know all the ins and outs of taekwondowe have had the collaboration of a professional and a black belt in sport, Yolanda Ubero AlcaƱiz, in addition to consulting the contents on Martial Arts of American TKA Universal.

Taekwondo is a martial art of Korean origin that has been taught in Asian civilization for centuries. Over time it was transformed into a modern sport, in a form or method of blocking blows, kicking and striking without weapons.

- Tae: Foot, kick

- Kwon: Fist, block

- Do: Way, art, method or way of life

Today's Taekwondo has been developed not only as one of the most effective methods of unarmed self-defense, but as an art, an exciting sport, and an excellent exercise for staying in good physical condition. Both skill and control are required in Taekwondo when using attack and defense techniques, which makes Taekwondo one of the more competitive and exciting sports. The challenge lies in using your techniques without having any contact with your opponent's body; Control over your punch and kick movements is extremely important to stay within inches of your distance.

- White. It means innocence, like that of the beginner who does not yet have notions of the movements and techniques of Taekwondo.

- Yellow. It means the land from which a plant germinates and grows roots, just as Taekwondo is infused in a person.

- Orange. It means the perseverance of the student to achieve his goals.

- Green. It means growth as Taekwondo skills grow and begin to develop like the green of plants. -Purple. It means freedom.

- Blue. It means heaven. The plant grows towards the sky as it becomes a tree, in the same way that Taekwondo grows in students.

- Red. It means danger. Warn your opponent that he must stay away while you exercise control.

- Brown. It means that the student sees the great hemisphere of martial arts.

- Black. The color opposite to white refers to the maturity and experience of Taekwondo. It also signifies the student's immunity to darkness and fear.

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