How to raise twins or twins

If educating a child is always a great challenge for parents, educating siblings, and more if it is twin brothers, it can make the task even more difficult. Having two or three babies arriving instead of one will certainly require extra work in their care, but it will also require you to attend to some aspects of their education and growth as individuals.

The great task of parents of twin children is maintain a balance and harmony between their affective affinities as siblings and their differences as individuals, especially in identical twins. Twin brothers have many similarities and affinities (age, sex, similar physique ...), so we will be tempted to treat them as a double unit.

We all have the image of twins as a batch of two, I vaguely remember some twins that appeared on TV, twins Pili and Mili, with very similar names, the same physical appearance, the same clothes, always forming a group. Together they were a good television product, but individually, they had no identity, the same thing gave us one or the other "they were the same." Parents of twins must avoid this situation at all costs, that comparison that we usually do all of us who see them from the outside.

All children need to learn who they are as people, they need to know that they are individually appreciated and loved, and we should not expect the same behavior from them, neither the same tastes, nor the same development, nor the same personality, no matter how much they share genetic code, birthday, games or room.

For your children, surely having a twin brother is enormous luck: an always close playmate, with many affinities, or, sometimes, a huge inconvenience due to the competition between them and habitual disputes between siblings, although that is something that it also occurs between siblings of different ages.

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