Preparing for delivery, how to push

Preparing for delivery, how to push

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During labor, your goal should be to conserve energy and provide your baby with as much oxygen as possible to help him cope with the stress of birth.

In this video, with the help of a physiotherapist, specialized in pregnancy, we teach breathing techniques and thrust needed for a good delivery.

We speak of pushing when we refer to the force that the mother uses, during natural labor, to push the baby through the birth canal. It is a reflex act as long as the mother is giving birth without epidural anesthesia.

Pushing is the mother's pushing to expel the baby from her womb. Pushing can be spontaneous or directed:

- Spontaneous pushing
They occur naturally, when the fetus presses for the exit and the mother feels the need to push the baby, following her natural instinct. They are also known for physiological pushing. In this case, it is the mother who directs the delivery.

- Directed puffs
It occurs when the midwife or gynecologist, monitoring the contractions, asks and warns the mother that she should start pushing the baby. In this case, the mother is directed by the medical staff because, usually, she will be under the effect of epidural anesthesia.

For the pushing to take effect in labor and actually get the mother to expel the baby through the birth canal, you must take into account:

1. The mother must use force by contracting the wall of the abdomen and pushing down.

2. The mother should push the baby along with the contractions, whenever possible.

3. The mother must have control of her breathing, inhaling and exhaling during pushing.

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