Nicanor (The Woodpecker). Didactic poem for children

Nicanor (The Woodpecker). Didactic poem for children

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Nicanor (The Woodpecker) is an original poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, a great resource for us to teach children what wood is, what it is for and where it is obtained.

Through poems we can teach children about nature, customs or even spelling rules. It's a great way to learn while playing.

The woodpecker

eager in his work,

chop and chop the wood

Well, he wants to be a builder.

Build sailboats,

build them motor,

and with his name painted

He calls himself "Nicanor".

Build very big houses,

nice little houses,

and sculpting with its beak,

make wooden furniture.

A big porch, some benches

some chairs and some tables,

the doors and windows,

cabinets and stairs.

Pine, juniper, cherry,

teak, oak, walnut,

all luxurious furniture

in the houses they will shine.

They already call him from China,

from Japan and New York,

his name has become famous

"Carpenter Nicanor",

Well, their boats, the sailboats

and motor boats,

they have already gone around the world

with his name, Nicanor.

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