White noise to calm and sleep the baby

White noise to calm and sleep the baby

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Some babies sometimes have trouble falling asleep. This difficulty in sleeping causes the baby to cry, which in turn leads to a kind of vicious circle since crying leads to irritability in the child, which prevents him from being able to rest.

Some experts consider that one solution may be to use what is known as white noise.

White noise is a constant noise that prevents other sounds from entering our auditory perception, so our brain focuses solely on it, promoting relaxation. It contains all the frequencies and they all have the same power, harmoniously, offering a feeling of calm.

If we listen to it at bedtime, being a constant noise and without ups and downs, it can help to reassure and help the baby and adults to fall asleep.

Some liken this noise to rain, ocean waves, an untuned television, or the murmur of conversation.

White noise helps other types of everyday noises such as those from household appliances, vehicles or the noises of large cities to go into the background and 'camouflage' themselves with this white noise on which our brain focuses.

This harmony that white noise transmits helps our brain to fall asleep and avoid sleepless nights. In the case of babies, some experts argue, it even masks the sound of their own crying, causing their crying overexcited brain to focus on that white noise, helping the baby to calm down and get out of it. this way fall asleep.

Other experts point out that this white noise is similar to the noise perceived by babies in the womb, being quite similar to the sound of the umbilical artery, and to the perception that external noises may have when they are inside their mother's womb.

White noise can be found in some devices in our house. Some household appliances such as the extractor hood, the washing machine, the dishwasher produce it. Also untuned radio or television sound emits this white noise.

White noise is also incorporated in some dolls and baby products, and through Youtube we can find a wide sample of this sound of calm.

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