My son produces a lot of wax in his ears, what do I do?

My son produces a lot of wax in his ears, what do I do?

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The earwax, that dense, brownish substance that many moms and dads dislike so much, is an important ally for health. What does this fact surprise you? He thinks that it fulfills a mechanical barrier function, since it is capable of trapping particles and germs, in an "easy access point" into the body, such as the external auditory canal.

However, there are children who produce more wax than others, without this being a health problem, but rather a mere aesthetic issue.

How do you clean a child's ears?

It must be clear that the wax that is in the ear, or on the outside of the ear canal, must be cleaned exclusively. To do this, we will use a wipe slightly moistened in water. You can also use the tip of a wet bath towel, without dripping.

What is the main mistake you make when cleaning earwax?

It is important not to insert any objects (including swabs) into the ear canal. If we do that, the only thing we are going to achieve is favor the formation of a wax plug.

How do wax plugs manifest from a clinical point of view?

The most frequent fact is the reduction of hearing acuity (hearing loss). On the other hand, plugs can cause earache.

What to do if you suspect that your child has a wax plug?

It is important not to manipulate the ear canal unnecessarily. For this reason, we recommend that you go to your trusted pediatrician. He will show you how to proceed. For its removal, a manual extraction with special forceps can be used, or with a double process of softening and propulsion with a syringe. It is important that you do not do this at home.

What can earwax be confused with?

In suppurative otitis, the ear may ooze pus, which is greenish in color. Blood can also flow through the duct (in otitis with perforated eardrum, for example). More rarely, cerebrospinal fluid may leak (in severe head injuries).

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