Elephant with balloons. Balloon twisting crafts

Elephant with balloons. Balloon twisting crafts

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Do you remember Dumbo, the flying elephant? A tender character that made thousands of children dream and that today you can recover so that your child knows him.

In We propose you to make a fun flying elephant with balloons, you can do this activity with your children, sharing and playing together. You dare?

  • 4 Blue R5 Balloons
  • 4 Red R5 Balloons
  • 2 Yellow R5 Balloons
  • 1 Globe R11 Gray
  • 3 Twister 260 Gray

1. Blow up four blue balloons to four inches and form a quartet, four red balloons to three inches and make another quartet, take a roll from each quartet and join them.

2. Blow up the gray balloon to nine inches and attach them to the red balloons by one of their rollers.

3. Make the technique of the apple to the yellow balloons and join them with it, you will achieve the Dumbo hat, later you fix it with Glue Dot or balloon glue.

4. Make two pinches starting with the curl of the balloon and then join them.

5. To perform the Dumbo trumpet insert a finger through the balloon roller as shown in the figure, turn it and remove your finger, at the other end, make three pinches. Then glue the ears and trumpet with Glue Dot or Balloon glue.

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