The pyramid of physical activity for children

The pyramid of physical activity for children

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Do you think it is true that children have little time to exercise? Some parents complain that their children do not exercise not due to lack of desire, but due to lack of time, and they lament the paradox of sedentary lifestyle, when we talk about it in social gatherings as a problem that is increasing. However, if children spend 7 hours at school sitting down, plus another two hours doing homework and another two hours watching television or playing with new technologies, how much time do they have to play sports?

If we do the math, at 7 hours of classes at school, we must add 9 or 10 hours of nighttime sleep and 2 hours of television and 2 hours of homework, children spend more than 20 hours in a state of inactivity physics, to which we must add meal times and vehicle travel, which are not very busy.

It is clear that the current trend, due to our lifestyle, is to move less and less, creating an ideal breeding ground for the appearance of obesity, diabetes and hypertension. These diseases appear because the human body is not designed or prepared for a sedentary lifestyle. On the contrary, for millions of years, our genes have been coded so that the human body derives benefits from regular movement, from daily activity, and thus today physical activity is essential for health functioning.

But physical activity is not just doing sports, even if sports involve physical activity. There are physical activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs, playing hide-and-seek in the yard, pillage, cops and chaos, hare ..., or jumping rope that are an excellent physical exercise and that can be added to the active exercise of the child throughout the day.

The NAOS strategy recommends that young people exercise at least one hour a day, either 60 minutes in a row or spread over several times. According to the Pyramid of Physical Activity for children, at the base of the pyramid we find what is called Active Lifestyle, which comprises 30 minutes a day and activities such as riding a bicycle, walking or going for a walk with the dog. climbing stairs, playing in the park, ball or running games.

In the middle of the pyramid we have Sports and leisure activities, which should last one hour a day and be practiced 3 to 5 times a week. Water polo, swimming, tennis, paddle tennis, football, skating, basketball ... and even rope jumping would be some of the proposed activities that are part of these weekly physical activities. At the top of the pyramid we find inactivity. The recommendation is that it should be little, but parents and children are faced with the paradox imposed by our new social lifestyle.

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