"Daddy! Fall in love with Mommy for Valentine's Day ”contest results

"Daddy! Fall in love with Mommy for Valentine's Day ”contest results

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How is it with those Valentine? Is this a good excuse to show others how much we love them or the urge to buy a flower and chocolates? Gentlemen, admit what emotions this day has for you? Are you celebrating it or are you trying to survive?The initiators of the competition are Moms who want their partners to say simple words: "it doesn't matter how, for how much or where, but it is the idea and commitment that counts." Therefore, tempting you with great prizes, they ask you to:

  • on February 1 - February 12, 2013, they sent a description or description plus a photo of the idea or stage of implementation of the idea of ​​a surprise prepared for a woman on Valentine's Day, who is a mother or is expecting a child. Please direct messages to the editorial office address [email protected] (in the title VALENTINE'S DAY).

Detailed regulations are available here.

The prizes in the competition are special:

  • The first two prizes in the competition are a Gift Card for two treatments - prenatal massage / massage sponsored by Reh. Mom (type of massage, time and place of treatment in the city of Warsaw will be determined individually between the Prize Winner and the company owner) and Gift Card for a photo session funded by MW.Photo (time, place in Warsaw and the nature of the session will be determined individually between the Prize winner and the owner companies). The award time is March 30, 2013.
  • For the next three people there are special personalized keychains with any photo sent by the Winner. The founder of the award is Sabo Design-Artistic Handicraft. The type of photo and the time of order processing will be determined individually by the Winners and the company owner.

REH.MAMA Katarzyna Łapacz

Reh.Mama is the first mobile rehabilitation services in Warsaw designed specifically for women expecting the birth of a baby.
I am a physiotherapist dealing with women's ailments in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and the postpartum period. When you have back pains, you have mobility problems, it is hard to climb stairs, you have leg swelling, you feel uptight and it's hard for you to relax, you need the help of a physiotherapist after delivery to get back in shape - just call. I arrive at the apartment at any time you choose. I also run a rental of TENS devices to relieve labor pain. More about me at

MW. PHOTOGRAPHY Marta Wasilewska

Photography is my great passion - I devote every spare moment to it, it's obvious.
I became interested in it a few years ago, now it has become a way of life for me.
In each photo I try to achieve perfection, keep the most magical fragments of reality.
I am passionate about colorful portrait, family, child and ... fairytale nature photography.
When creating photographs I use characteristic objects, often created by myself. I don't use template solutions at work - I approach each order individually. Just as each of us is different - so must photographs reflect the diversity of each of us. I invite you to familiarize yourself with my works.

SABO DESIGN Dorota Kalicińska

My name is Dorota, I have been creating and designing jewelry since 2008. For as long as I can remember, I love to perform various artistic activities, but it is jewelry that has become my greatest love and since 2012 a way of life. In my gallery you can find colorful crazy jewelry for women who value originality and more subdued models for mature women. My favorite techniques are decoupage and soutache embroidery, and this is the type of jewelry I make most often, but at the same time I am constantly looking for new solutions to be able to expand my range. I draw inspiration from the world around me - nature, architecture. I try to follow current trends, but I also make classic jewelry that will suit any type of outfit. I invite you!


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