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Cybex Topaz pushchair

Cybex Topaz pushchair

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After the deep stroller comes time to buy a stroller. Every parent tired of carrying a heavy rack dreams of Fr. light and functional "umbrella". The market is full of strollers whose prices can start from just PLN 70.
I looked at my friend's Cybex umbrella, Topaz model. Then I explored the topic and ... bought it. Topaz is the average price shelf for Cybexes. However, they are much cheaper than similar class and equipment of McLaren or Peg Pere.


  • 4-level backrest adjustment, from a 90 degree angle to the lying position
  • High backrest, even for a 3-year-old
  • One hand is enough to operate the wheelchair (backrest adjustment, folding, guidance)
  • The stroller is designed for children 0+
  • 5-point straps with a fabric cover on the shoulders
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Adjustable handle height, ideal for tall women, plastic handle (not foam)
  • Lock the front wheels straight ahead
  • Roof material with UV50 + filter (detachable roof)
  • Visor available in XXL version, unfolded, reaching to the headband,
  • Detachable headband
  • Big wheels
  • Availability of many additional accessories
  • Very maneuverable
  • It is easy to drive, even with a child inside, one hand is enough
  • Handle for carrying the folded trolley and locking against automatic opening
  • Comfortable for a child. It is not wide, so that the child inside does not "fly" sideways
  • Easy to clean, either manually or after removing material
  • A capacious basket under the seat
  • On the material, on the back of the trolley, there is a velcro pocket with compartments, e.g. for a purse, telephone and keys
  • Relatively light (7.5kg)


  • When lying down, it's difficult to get into the basket
  • Price: new is about PLN 800, but used in good condition is already PLN 300-400

I am very sorry that I did not know about the existence of this stroller before. Then even for a moment I would not think about a classic gondola with a heavy frame. I carry my daughter under 5 months old and the umbrella works perfectly. With a clear conscience I can recommend it to everyone.

The price of the new one is quite high, but if we look at this model as the only one for our child from birth to the moment when it ceases to be needed at all, the cost ceases to be so high.

And what do you think about this wheelchair?


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