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How to be a mom like that?

How to be a mom like that?

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One day, when you hear your daughter or son reprimanding their toys or even younger siblings "I don't have time for this right now," you may suddenly get the impression that it is not saying these words. "No-mum" is a mother who is invariably "no" to most children's initiatives. She is a mother deprived of childish spontaneity, the joy of being here and now, and on the other hand a resourceful person who is not quite well with herself.

More on yes, less on no

How many times do we stop children's initiatives, limit imagination due to lack of time, energy or bad humor? The ideas presented by the children do not have to be harmful or dangerous in any way, and because of the cleaning vision behind them, or simply the need for too much involvement, we often give up them? We cover ourselves with obligations, the need to clean up, cook, end the conversation, etc.?

Play with me

When a child for the tenth time on a given day asks us to put together the same puzzles, draw a dog or arrange blocks, we may feel tired. Despite remorse, we refuse and breathe a sigh of relief when the child moves away.

Meanwhile, psychologists point out that that's enough change of perspective. It's no secret that children grow up quickly and it takes a few years for most of their attention to go elsewhere. Parents cease to be the best companions of fun, peers become better.

When children with a proposal to play more and more often go out to a neighbor's friend, the unique possibility for parents and children to create something unique changes and even passes completely ... Lost time cannot be rebuilt.

A day for yes

Where to start? Chose One day in week, in which we will approve all reasonable requests. Let it be a day just for you, when all the minor activities cease to matter and only the child will really matter. Let's turn off the phones, televisions, computers and give all our children ... Let us devote ourselves to them as their favorite passion, entertainment, best adventure. However, let the children write the scenario of the events.

What will the little ones choose on the first such day?

  • building obstacle courses at home,
  • dressing up and joint ball,
  • cooking together,
  • creating books,
  • feeder building
  • designing a house on paper, through cut-outs ...
  • you may be surprised by how rarely they reach for expensive toys, and how often they cuddle up to you ...

It can also happen that a child who has met with a lack of interest for months and whose creativity has been suppressed will not simply have an idea. If this happens in your case, don't give up. The more you take it to heart that you act in a timely manner, that it is a good time to rebuild what has been lost so far. Let's give children and ourselves time and chance ... Let's be patient.

It's still being said how important time devoted to children is. Meanwhile, many of us are hiding behind its lack. It is painful to look into the eyes because there is a moment for television, running, going out with friends, and the children must wait and deserve our attention. Although we say they come first, the truth is often too dramatic to write directly about it.

The most terrible statistics say that parents devote children to play a few minutes a day ...