A longer vacation for daddies?

A longer vacation for daddies?

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Every year, the legislator appreciates the role of fathers in the process of raising children. Dads have more and more opportunities to help their partners and to actively accompany women in their labors and pleasures of childcare. Specifics?

In 2012, paternity leave was extended from one week to two weeks. From 2013, daddies, if the amended act comes into force, will be able to stay on paternity leave for up to eight weeks! Paternity leave is to be extended by six weeks. Paternity leave is operational since 2010, since daddies-employees can count on vacation for a child that they could (but did not have to) use for the first year of their child's life. The weekly holiday period was extended in 2012 to two weeks.

From January 2013, daddy will be able to go on vacation up to eight weeks, that is, two months with a partner at home with a child. This leave can be used for two years after the birth of the child. These are the plans.

Additional changes are to consist of the possibility of separating paternity leave, with the proviso that two weeks of release from professional duties should be used once. In this approach, the holiday can be divided into two parts only, i.e. it can be used in two time periods. One should pay attention to this: paternity leave cannot be used at the same time as mother is on maternity leave.

ZUS calculated that from January to October 2010 from paternity leave only 14.5 thousand benefited employees of small businesses. Data from 2011 are not better at all, they do not give optimistic conclusions about the popularity of this form of vacation.

How was your case? Have your children's fathers taken paternity leave? Dads, do you plan to go on paternity leave after having a baby? Write!

According to the reply of 9.01.2013 to the sent inquiry, the editors received the answer that the bill had not been completed and implemented as announced on January 1, 2013. "At this stage of the work, it is not possible to state whether and when the proposed changes will come into force. "


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