Kaiser sleeping bag

Kaiser sleeping bag

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A warm sleeping bag matching both the deep pram and the stroller is available in many colors. Works well with larger and smaller strollers. Perfect especially for winter walks. Inside, it is finished with black fleece, thanks to which it doesn't get dirty so quickly (outer layer - 100% nylon; lining - 100% fleece;). The sleeping bag is resistant to water and wind.

The sleeping bag has holes for belts at two heights, thanks to which it can be fitted to a shorter and larger stroller. Due to the fact that it has an opening at the bottom, it can be used both for an infant and an already walking child. Also fits the average two-year-old or even older child.

Dimensions: 105 cm x 48 cm

Are there minuses? Yes. The sleeping bag has no zipper cover. There are also Velcro fasteners at the zip fastener, which after unhooking the bottom make it difficult to fasten the sleeping bag in cotton gloves.

The price could also be lower: 114 zlotys.

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