Argument about the name

Argument about the name

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Most British parents argue over what to name a child. This is what results from studies that were carried out in December this year. According to Telegraph, as many as 75% of all quarrels are about what the descendant's name should be. In second place are quarrels about whether the mother should return to work - 28%, and only 27% argue about whether to choose a second child.

Why is choosing a name so difficult? Because it usually carries many minor decisions: it is associated with certain ideas, traditions, preferences, associations and superstitions.

In addition, many couples note that choosing a name can be more difficult today than it used to be. Parents make bolder decisions in this regard. Choosing a name that both partners will like is often one of the first major compromises for a relationship.

And how was your place? Did you agree on choosing a name for your child?


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